Appendix K from 2004 Review of Honors and Scholars Program
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An Ideal Honors Experience

Students who participate in OSU's diverse honors programs expect to receive unique educational experiences that are challenging, enriching, and useful for their career aspirations. The prestige associated with an OSU degree "with honors" or "with distinction" is different from that associated with Latin Honors, which is based solely on grade point average (e.g., cum laude with a GPA of 3.5). Honors students make a commitment to take challenging curriculum with in-depth courses throughout their undergraduate careers. In return, the University community pays special attention to these talented and highly motivated students, as described below.

The Review Committee suggests that a faculty committee in each College discuss the merit and feasibility of the following long-term goals. Meeting these goals requires considerable coordination among the colleges, the University Honors & Scholars Center, the Office of Admissions, and the Office of Residence Life. Many of these goals are already being achieved, as documented in the Committee's report. We realize that new strategies and resources will be needed to accomplish all of these goals, and some goals may be modified upon further study and discussion.

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