HTML Guide

Demo for Surfing in Ohio
Links not generally reachable by web search engines.
Best Browsers
History Buffs of Usenet: 20-year highlights; All usenet groups
VT100 browsers, Lynx
Tables on non-table browsers
Comparing HTML Results and Browsers pam-Level Bare bones tutorial, quick search tips
Evaluating HTML Sites
Searching for the right search engine
Acroread options
Server Side Instruction
Tutorial on self-documentation. See examples at bottom of this page.
Web Design
First make your own web page
starter guide
Eyetracing study of web readers with links oto Poynter Inst report and four good examples.
Seven C's of WebService Design, from U Georgia
But beware the unlike seven.
Eyetracing study of web readers
More sophisticated
Largest web developer's site on the net, not only are web techniques described but there are many online examples you can experiment with.
Color information, probably more than you want
Cascading Style Sheet for Tables! (CSS2)
Cascading Style Sheet Reference Table
See W3C pages:
   Common User Agent Problems
   Document Object Model (DOM), parser (SAC)
Single best guide, Bob Jensen's guide to web technology and distance learning
Netscape Key Commands, long file (7000 lines, 0.2 MB)
Sizing HTML pages
Web Developer, tutorials
Web Monkey, tutorials
sample javascripts
  Debugging javascript
  javascript tutorial
meta directives dictionary
Improving your web site
Apache User's Guide
Search engine opitimization
  Top 100 search topics
Web Accessibility Initiative
FCC Access Board
Info on Section 508
NetMechanic checklist, with links to other sites
Monitoring use and abuse
Report on Security Workshop; see section for dvelopers; many technical details not previously public.
HacK, CouNterHaCk 10 October 1999 NY Times Magazine article on hacker group L0pht
On unix system read manual page for wwwstat
Essays on Web Use
Students learn better from web sites wiht print cues
Web Demands Critical Thinking by Students
Web Destroys Quality of Student Papers
Internet "addiction: guide and survey"
Distance education
Quality On the Line, IHEP-NEA study, April 2000 [pdf]
Webmonkey on XML
Tim O'Reilly talk on XML

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