Policy for Group Unix Files

Overall Policy

In general, everyone in the group can see files of other members of the group. Then anyone can learn from everyone else.

The only purpose in having a group is that the success of the group is greater than the sum of the individual efforts.

You should never write your first make file, web page, etc. without taking advantage of ohter's experience.

Keep your disk storage lean. See below.

Permissions on files and directions

The following files may be protected.

Your root directory should have the permission 755.

All other files should follow these rules:

Policy on size of total files

Please attempt to keep your files under 202 MB. You can check the overall size in kB from an alpha, with

/usr/ucb/du -k -s $HOME

In MB from a linux

du -m -s /net/campbell/13/<login>.

If there is need for more disk space for a particular job, we can make special arrangements.

To decrease the size do:

There is a command ~wilkins/bin/.cleanup that will remove all .log, .aux, .dvi .ps, and .o files in a given directory. When finished, it displays the current files in reverse chronological order.

Note: Move data file to linux disks on bali, iona. oahu and wight. I can buy more of these if needed. These are rarely backuped. So if you are concerned, tell me and I will schedule a backup for that disk. Note. These files need to be cleaned out regularly.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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