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Giving Agency Credit

In every paper or public presentations, please give credit to the agency or agencies supporting your research.


Awards for Graduate Students

The OSU graduate school has all sorts of competitions for graduate students. While I don't require it, I strongly recommend students applying for any relevant awards. The best of these is the Presidential Fellowship that supports the final year of graduate study. This proposal works best when the research has been fortunate enough to generate papers early in the career.

Trips for Graduate Students

The normal expectation is that every student will have the experiences described below:

These are listed in the proposal section, since they typical involve some proposal -- either to attend or to fund the opportunity. Usually the student plays a large role in the proposal writing.

Postdocs writing proposals

For postdoc with me longer than two years, I strongly recommend applying for federal or other funding. I will reward a credible, completed proposal with a promotion and/or salary increase. I will assist in writing the proposal. Please see me.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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