Graduate Class of 2002
[  adetunji pic]
Oludurotimi Adetunji
[  baugh pic]
Gordon Baugh
[boss pic]
Michael Boss
[  brandt pic]
Theresa Brandt
[bryant pic]
Matthew Bryant
[burdette pic]
Don Burdette
 [ che pic]
Yulu Che
[dunbar pic]
Kelley Dunbar
[efron pic]
Jonathan Efron
[frodermann pic]
Evan Frodermann
[hetel pic]
Iulian Hetel
[hetzer pic]
Michael Hetzer
[  hill pic]
Davion Hill
[johnston pic]
David Johnston
Evan Large
[link pic]
Justin Link
[mack pic]
Gregory Mack
James Morris
[  mosbacker pic]
Howard Mosbacker
[offermann pic]
Dustin Offermann
[okobiah pic]
Oseoghaghare Okobiah
[parker pic]
William Parker
Demian Phillips
[regensburger pic]
Joseph Regensburger
[ruggiero pic]
Charles Ruggiero
Jeffrey Steinberg

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