Course Objective

To improve skills of writing and speaking those not specialized in science
(1) to analyze claims made in science-based material and
(2) to present clear, concise, compelling presentations on science-based topics that affect public and personal concerns.

Toward this broad objective, the course concentrates on the physical, environmental and societal impact of energy. Further, it uses:

  1. Online and print material of verifiable quality.
  2. Lectures concentrating on key science concepts
  3. Weekly calculation with accompanying one-page essay putting computed result in a context. This tests abiliity to find and analyze public data and writing skills to compare that analysis meaningfully.
  4. Three talks by each class member:
  5. Instructor written comments on talks and outlines/summaries that identify the three areas most needing improvement.  
    These comments are not personal attacks but instead serious, constructive suggestions for improvement.

Desired Skills: For Papers and Talks
Skill Comment
Can define topic for particular audience Find a limited subject.
Develop a point of view.
Can find useful references/illustrations In library and on web.
Can write sentence outline Each sentence is a topic sentence.
This approach can greatly speed up talk-preparation process.

For Talks
Each topic sentence is point of one viewgraph.
Can organize viewgraph to explain viewgraph's point.
Remove/reorder/rewrite viewgraphs to deliver take-home message.
By practicing the talk can learn to improve it.
Can see how criticism of others could be applied to own talk.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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