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  • America's Highways, running on empty NYT Op-Ed June 1, 2014
  • Another source of methane I heard Tommy Gold talk on this in '70s at Cornell. I thought it had died. but WSJ columnist says it's still a possibility; June 2013.
  • Huge growth in shale drilling for oil and gas2012May20 WCBE report
  • EPA on fracting impact on drinking water2012Dec
    EPA Science Adviory Panel on fraction 2012May24
  • Drop in US CO2 emission 2012August MIT technologyreview. Speculation drop is due to using more natural gas for electricity, with lessor CO2 emission.
    See also <King Natural Gas, newsy editoral musing on effect of increased use of natural gas on economy and climate.
  • Chesapeake irks in trying to renegotiat leases 2012 July 16 Earlier leasing zeal in Ohio
  • CEN first notice of EPA fracking rules2012Apr19
  • Overview of EPA new regs on gas -- esp. fracking -- and oil industries. Summary of Key changes in new source performance stds. 2012Apr17 [Note:Homesite for for oil and natureal gas air polution standard

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