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Another good reference: First Measured Century, covers population, work, education, family, living arrangements, religion, active leisure, health, money, politics, government, crime, transportation, business, communications.

Table below gives more details on EU-15 comparison with US goods transport.
Goods Transport, EU-15 vs US 1998
Billion tonne-km%split by tonne-kmAvg dist km
Road12541499 4428 110685
Rail2402010 837 2451355
Inland sea121521 410 280767
Pipeline88905 317 1701224
Short sea1167460 418 1420n.a.

With growth of EU organizations, removal of customs and a common currency, Europe is becoming more like North America with only three countries that have historically "open" boundaries.

EU Passenger traffic is so important that it interfers with freight over a shared network. In US freight so dominates that it has always had right of way.

Transport: More Details
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