Topic Sentence Outline of 1493's potato-wars chapter beginning.

Ideal sentence has three parts:

  1. Modern farmers ignore the seed (of potatoes), instead cutting up tubers and planting the pieces -- now tubers are called "seed potatoes."
  2. Today the potato is the fifth most important crop worldwide
  3. Potatoes are about three-quarters water and one-quarter starch but have vitamins enough to prevent scurvy if consumed in quantity.
  4. Compared to grains, tubers are inherently more productive.
  5. Many scholars believe that the introduction of tubers to Europe was a key moment in history.
    Potatoes by feeding rapidly growing populations, permitted a handful of Europeans nations to assert domination over most of the world between 1750 and 1950.
  6. As important in the long run, the European and North American adoption of the potato set the template for modern agriculture--the agri-industrial complex.
  7. Not only did the Columbian Exchange carry the ultra-productive potato to Europe and North America, it also brought ultra-productive Andean potato-cultivation techniques, including the world's first fertilizer: Peruvian guano.
  8. Not long after, potato fell to the attack of another imported species, the Colorado beetle. ... Panicked farmers turned to the first inorganic pesticide, arsenic ... [that in turn] launched modern pesticide industry -- the third component of modern agribusines.

THM: Three objects native to Americas -- potato, guano, beetle -- ultimately spawned the modern agribusiness.

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