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Combined License Applications for New Reactors
Location of Projected New Nuclear Power Reactors
Applications Received
Bellefonte Units 3 & 4
Callaway Unit 2
Calvert Cliffs Unit 3
Comanche Peak Units 3 & 4
Fermi Unit 3
Grand Gulf Unit 3
Levy County Units 1 & 2
Nine Mile Point Unit 3
North Anna Unit 3
River Bend Station Unit 3
Shearon Harris Units 2 & 3
South Texas Project Units 3 & 4
Victoria County Station Units 1 & 2
Virgil C. Summer Units 2 & 3
Vogtle Units 3 & 4
William States Lee III Units 1 & 2

Location of Projected New Nuclear Power Reactors

For applications that have been received by the NRC, you may select a site name to view the NRC's website for the specific COL application. Websites for the remainder of the applications will be created when they are received.

Map of Projected New Nuclear Power Reactors Grand Gulf Grand Gulf Calvert Cliffs Calvert Cliffs North Anna North Anna Harris Harris William Lee William Lee Bellefonte Bellefonte Vogtle Vogtle V.C. Summer V.C. Summer South Texas South Texas Levy County Levy County Victoria County Victoria County Comanche Peak Comanche Peak Callaway Callaway Fermi Fermi River Bend River Bend Nine Mile Point Nine Mile Point USAPWR ESBWR EPR AP1000 ABWR

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Monday, October 20, 2008