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Changing challenge grade of essay problem.

Essay 1: look up number (world oil used) to predict 30 years. A good estimate: (90 million barrels per day ) * (30 years * 365 days/yr.). Natural comparison: reserves

Essay 2; electricity energy used by home TV. POssible comparison: setup box; different sets: LED, Plasma, etc.; features: best answer was electricity load aasociated with copying one or several programs (increasingly new feature of TV, after 4D).

Essay 3. Switching to natural gas from gasoline.
Possible comparison: cost of nat-gas-burning car: new and converting. Costs of supplying gas. Benefits: reducing pollution; nat gas can be generated from various trash.
Real point: first example of comparisons you will need for deciding various choices for 100-year essay.

Common mistakes that you should be past

Say change is bad idea without any data because...

killer adj without any supporting calcn:
insurmountable, very expensive, unreliable, extremely inconvenient, inefficient, staggering.

Alternate take: ng would be excellent fuel option--less GHG; also it is relatively inexpensive, simple to install a conversion kit; renewable ng can be produced from organice waste sources.

nos: 3.3 * 109; 125,976.29; 6,030.33; 29.308 trillion (thrice); $ 8.58 \times 10(12); $2.64 e 11; 74.7%; 55.22 years; 26.97Tcf.


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