Conservation: Same With Less.

Textbook meaning -- not in dictionaries but will, with luck & time, be incorporated -- is

Achieving a similar or better
benefit at smaller energy cost.

Subsidiary implications
   Using renewable over non-renewable resources.
   Recycling limited materials.
   Reducing waste.

Biggest Problem: Values Informing Behavior

Driving Slower. The 55 mph speed limit was an energy conservation measure. If "we" could convince ourselves that 55 was as good as 65 or higher, then we would accept "them" forcing automakers to produce slower cars or greatly increase taxes on faster cars.

SUVs are proof we are not there yet. Car makers surcharged SUVs $15,000; they still sold. As SUV sales may drop in US, they coming to Europe!

Could Prices Make a Difference

Petrol versus Car Prices. To control energy cost of cars, raise petrol prices and car taxes.
Petrol Prices, EU/liter Oct 2005
2005 Toyota Corolla Prices (k euro)
Country US (0.8EU/$) DenmarkFranceUK
w/o Taxes 11.011.0 12.8 14.1
w. Nat. Taxes n.a.29.0 15.3 16.6
Ref: European Commission, DG Competition

But in the last lecture, we learned the number of cars per 1000 residents is similar: about 470. In US, the distances driven are greater.

Holistic espoused by textbook. Definition: Concerned with wholes rather than analysis or separation into parts: holistic medicine; holistic ecology.

In the Home and Office

Illumination uses 5% of all US energy. All steps require current behavior modification for delayed savings. Textbook doesn't mention halogen lighting


Initial actions in European copied enthusiastically in California have pressured manufacturers to design more efficient appliances. Ref: American Council on an Energy-Efficient Economy

Refrigerators in kWh/yr. Buy Top freezer.

Water Heaters How you use is most important.

Among types of heaters: demand, heat pump, indirect and solar are cheaper than conventional storage water heater.

Cooking require even more behavior modification and abandonment of personal preference.

Dishwashers Huge range in kWh/yr. Asko:194 to Frigidaire:329.

Clothes Washers Confusing: best modified energy factor (MEF) can use 50% more water.

HVAC uses 20% of US energy -- home and work. The first obvious step is insulate.

  • Heating system is huge issue.

    "Holistic" Behavior Modification

    The conflict is between
                        Responsibility is the product
                        of definite social arrangements.
                        Each person/family responsible for
                        conserving energy for whole world.

    Long, determined, consistent policy of rewards and penalties to companies and individuals can produce substantial energy savings and ingrained changes in behavior without destroying the social fabric.

    Staying the course is very difficult; some countries have fallen off the wagon.

    In US, strong sense of individual personal freedom -- that sends rapidly changing messages to government -- works against definite social arrangements.

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