Assignment Schedule Autumn 2017

Most lectures are in html, often with references to other materials (much on website).   sc

Aug T22 Lecture Objectives (JWW); Tactics (assignments and grading) (Tom Barrett)
Form teams of three for first presentations
R24 Lecture Take Home Message (THM) & Topic Sentences Outline (TSO)

T29 Lecture Guide to: Preparing the Talk (four vgs in all!)
R31 Lecture Electricity

Sep T05 Lecture Thermodynamics: conserving energy and efficiency
Team has three members; each speaks for 5 minutes to make individual THM; team strive for unified THM.
F08 ESSAY 1 DUE at 10 am

T12 Team Talks Oil: Jack, Jake
Coal: Erin, Tessa, Zhengqi
Before team talks: Hand in full-size presentation
R14 Team Talks Gas: Jeremy
Solar: Preston, Andrew, Cornelius
Wind: D.J., Paul

T19 Team Talks Hydro: Matthew, Mitch, Thomas
Geothermal: Atal, Jhon, Jimmy
R21 Team Talks Ozone: Alexander, Ben, Jincheng
Acid Rain: Dillan, Kira, Nicholas
Greenhouse: Michelle, Kevin, Matt
F22 ESSAY 2 DUE at 10 am

T26 Lecture Energy from Nuclei, Safe Power Generatation
R28 Lecture Fukushima US near misses Fault Tree

Oct T03 Special Report on first team talks; (teb and jww)
R05 Lecture TBA
F06 ESSAY 3 DUE at 10 am

T10 Lecture Transportation: Goods & People new oil pipelines PTC
R12 Work on second talk. Start in class time, but must schedule required meeting with one instructor who will strive to be as available as possible. Required: bring draft version of slides that have Topic Sentence in Title or prominently on slide along with relevant figure (or table) and terse factual sentences supporting Topic Sentence.

T17 Team Talks Water: Nicholas, Kira, Dylan
Agriculture: Jimmy, Atal
Aquaculture: Kevin, Matt, Michelle
R19 no class
F20 ESSAY 4 DUE at 10 am

T24 Team Talks Population: Preston, Andrew, Zhengqi
Nuclear Waste: Jhon, Tessa, Erin
Electric cars: Paul, D.J., Cornelius
R26 Team Talks Hydrogen: Jack, Jeremy, Jake
Ammonia: Matthew, T.J., Mitch
Ethanol: Alexander, Ben

T31 Lecture Revision
Nov R02 Meeting Long paper
F03 ESSAY 5 DUE at 10 am

  Compulsory appt with lecturer on individual talk - bring THM and TSO.
  Compulsory appt with lecturer on final paper - bring three energy sources to sustain USA for 100 yrs; do before Thanksgiving.
T07 no class
R09 no class

T14 Individual Talks nuclear day
Thorium-fuel reactor -- Alex
Chernobyl now -- Jhon
magnetic confinement fusion -- Jeremy
laser-induced fusion -- Dillan
R16 Individual Talks catastrophe day
nuclear terrorism -- Tessa
bioterrorism -- Atal
oil spills -- DJ
influenza/bird flu -- MattM
F17 ESSAY 6 DUE at 10 am

T21 Individual Talks transportation day
clean diesel engines (ha-ha) -- Paul
EV with switchable batteries -- Cornelius
biodiesel -- Preston
algae biodiesel -- TJ
R23 holiday

  Compulsory appt with lecturer, bring term paper TSO. Do by Dec 5.
T28 Individual Talks food day
biodiversity in the food supply -- Zhengqi
biopesticides -- Kevin
overgrazing -- Ben
antimicrobial resitance -- Jimmy
R30 Individual Talks home & away day
automated highways -- Michelle
automobile safety / crashworthiness of automobiles --Jake
colonization of mars / terraforming -- Erin
earth-sheltered homes -- MatthewK

Dec T05 Individual Talks pollution day
using ice cores to measure historical climate -- Kira
carbon sequestering -- Andrew
plasma trash gasification -- Nicholas
mercury pollution -- Jack
R08 (no class)
F08 FINAL PAPER DUE at 10 am
F08 Individual Talks
at 4:00 pm
no talks -- no meeting