Nicing Netscape

Please nice netscape jobs. There are two ways to do this:

  1. After you started netscape, type top. Looking at the list of jobs, find the PID of your netscape job; it is the first entry.
            type:  r 19 <PID>
  2. Alternately in your alias file (.aliases, for example which is sourced by .cshrc upon login) add an alias such as
    alias net '(/usr/bin/nice -n 19 
     /usr/local/bin/X11/netscape \!* >& /dev/null)' &

    It must be a single line.

    If you always logon to the same starter page, you can replace \!* with that web address. Otherwise this alias will take any address. If you don't like typing http:// you can replace \!* with http://\!*

Leave netscape jobs nicely. In the options under "File" use the "Exit" option prior to logging out. If you don't do this, you can

None of these will be appreciated by others using the same host.
Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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