IMSL on Digital Unix

IMSL is only available on the Digital Unix Alphas.

Type the following command:

   source /usr/local/vni/ipt/bin/iptsetup.csh

This will set up the shell environment.  You have to run this before
you can do anything related to IMSL.

To read the documentation, you can now type the command


This is the online manual.

To link, follow these directions from the file

  < Part 3: Compiling and Linking Fortran Numerical Libraries Applications >

Use of the environment variables set via the iptsetup.csh and
files is recommended to ease the creation of Fortran Numerical Libraries
applications.  Use any supported Fortran compiler with the desired link
options to create the program.

The following command will compile and link the application program fnl.f:

    $FC -o fnl $FFLAGS fnl.f $LINK_FNL

In the above commands, LINK_FNL can easily be replaced by any of the
LINK_FNL_* variables if your application needs a different set of Fortran
Numerical Libraries than those provided in the LINK_FNL variable.

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