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HDF5 Application Developer's Guide

These documents provide information of particular interest to developers of applications that employ the HDF5 library.

HDF5 Library Changes
    from Release to Release
A summary of changes in the HDF5 library
Supported Configutation
    Features Summary
A summary of configuration features supported in this release    (external link)
HDF5 Image and
    Palette Specification
A specification for the implementation of images and palettes in HDF5 applications
Mapping HDF4 Objects
    to HDF5 Objects
Guidelines for translating HDF4 file objects into valid HDF5 file objects    (PDF format only)

The HDF5 source code, as distributed to users and developers, contains additional two files that will be of interest to readers of this document. Both files are located at the top level of the HDF5 source code tree and are duplicated here for your reference:
RELEASE.txt Technical notes regarding this release
HISTORY.txt A release-by-release history of the HDF5 library

HDF5 documents and links 
Introduction to HDF5 
HDF5 Reference Manual 
HDF5 User's Guide 

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Last modified: 1 July 2002
Describes HDF5 Release 1.4.4, July 2002