Ph.D. Graduates

Name Year Ph.D Thesis Subsequent Position
Stephanie Lauback 2017 Magnetic Actuation of Biological Systems Juniata College
Jonathan Zizka 2016 Mechanical Properties of Low- and High-k Dielectric Thin Films by Brillouin Light Scattering Ohio State
Michael Prikockis 2016 Physics and Applications of Interacting Magnetic Particles: Effect of Patterned Traps Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory
Marci Howdyshell 2014 Micro-magnetic Structures for Biological Applications Vanderbilt University
Aaron Chen 2013 Imprinted Magnetic Traps for Study on Particle Fluctuation, Ordering and Microfluidic Applications Intel, Oregon
Sheldon Bailey 2012 Transparent Tissues and Porous Thin Films: A Brillouin Light Scattering Study Ohio State
Greg Vieira 2012 Patterned Magnetic Structures for Micro-/Nanoparticle and Cell Manipulation Columbia University
Wei Zhou 2009 Acoustic excitations in nanosponges, low-k dielectric thin films, and oxide glasses Virginia Tech
Yat-Yin Au 2006 Light scattering studies of metallic magnetic microstructures University of Exeter, UK
Rudra Bandu 2004 Light scattering from acoustic vibrationsal modes in confined structures Intel, Oregon
Jared Gump 2002 Light scattering studies from GeSe glasses and metastable cobalt films Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head, MD
Mihail Chirita 2000 Brillouin light scattering study of elastic and magnetic excitation in supported layers Qwest
Junyung Bak 1996 Photoluminescence and Raman scattering studies in ZnCoSe and GaAs Korean Patent Office
Xiaohua Liu 1996 Spin Excitations in bcc, fcc, hcp cobalt and bcc FeCo alloys Siemens Research & Development
Suresh Subramanian 1995 Optical spectroscopy of body centered cubic cobalt and gallium arsenide quantum well heterostructures Opto-Knowledge
Kyungmin Ham 1994 Raman studies of YBa (CuNi)O and (YBaCuO)(PrBaCuO) superlattices Louisiana State University
Chee-Leung Mak 1993 Light scattering study of the magnetic semiconductor ZnCoSe and ZnFeSe University of Hong Kong
John Karanikas 1991 Elastic and magnetic excitations in layered structures - a Brillouin scattering study Shell Research & Development
Yi Liu 1991 Light scattering study of semiconductor heterostructures and hight temperatures superconductor films Lucent Technologies
Gerardo Pangilinan 1990 Raman scattering studies of the 2 - 4 semiconducters ZnAs and ZnP Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head, MD