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Program Information

Key People:  Prof. William Palmer -- REU Project Director -- 614-292-8523
                         Prof. Linn Van Woerkom -- REU Summer Coordinator -- 614-292-9626
                                 Mrs. Shirley Royer  -- REU Administrative Assistant -- 614-292-1672

Housing: All REU students will be housed in Taylor Tower, a graduate dormitory,
with single rooms and private baths, located on North Campus, a five minute walk from Smith Laboratory, the Physics building. Linens will be provided. The air conditioned rooms are outfittedwi th a desk and chair, chest of drawers, microwave/fridge, bed and a phone. The kitchen is located in the basement and laundry facilities are in the penthouse. When arriving in Columbus, proceed to the desk at Taylor Tower, which is located on North Campus, where you can pick up your key. The desk is open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM.  Security takes over at 9:00 PM.  Taylor Tower has many amenities, including public TV and game rooms, stand-alone MAC/PC computing facilities. The North Commons Dining Hall is nearby to Taylor Tower. REU students will have
access to the all of the excellent computing facilities of the Physics Department, including UNIX,
VMS, Windows-NT, and MAC systems.

Board: Since most students have expressed the desire to cook or eat where they please,
we will follow their desires and pay them directly. Students can also purchase "Buck ID" debit
cards that entitle them to pay for meals at various other places on and off Campus. With a
"Buck ID" card you get 15% off the regular price of dorm food.

Travel Directions: Columbus, Campus, and area maps are provided in your packet.
If you fly into Columbus, take a taxicab to Taylor Tower (Fare about $30.) If you drive into
Columbus, road directions are enclosed in the packet we are sending or available on the Columbus link.

Automobile Registration and parking: Provision has been made for REU students
to be eligible for OSU parking decals that allow them to park their car in student areas. The car
must be registered with Transportation and Parking, 160 Bevis Hall, 1080 Carmack Road, where decals will be issued. Please let Mrs. Royer know if you are planing to bring a car.

Medical Insurance: We regret there is no provision for medical insurance coverage
from this program. We strongly recommend that you come with coverage from home or
school or other sources.

Stipends:  Payments will be made at the end of June, July and the program (August 20).
The food allowance will be added to the stipend checks.  Please see Robin Prothro in the Physics Office, Smith 1012, as soon as possible after arrival to complete paperwork.

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