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Undergraduate Physics Research Opportunities

Summer 1999 at the

The Ohio State University:

Supported by the National Science Foundation & OSU 

June 14 -- August 20, 1999

View a pictorial recap of the summer and the varioous events

REU/OSU is a program of research experience in physics for undergraduates at The Ohio State University. All interested undergraduates are invited to apply for this 10 week summer program of research engagement in the Physics Department of OSU in Columbus, Ohio. 

INTERNSHIPS with research groups in Astrophysics, Nuclear, High Energy, Condensed Matter, Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics. Students will work on projects in such areas as chaos in fluids, big bang nucleosynthesis, High-Tc superconductivity, heavy ion collision detectors, and many other projects spanning the diverse interests of a comprehensive research department. 

TUTORIALS ---    Mathematica/Maple computational skill 
                                          Shop Skills -- safety and practice
                                          Presentations -- describing your research 

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: You must be a US citizen or permanent resident enrolled in an undergraduate degree program in physics or engineering physics. Members of groups under-represented in Physics are especially encouraged to apply. 

STIPENDS will support travel to and from your home address or home institution, room and board at OSU dorms with other REU students, and a weekly stipend of $250 worth up to $4000 for the complete program. 

APPLICATION FORMS: Express your interest by downloading and returning an application form. Applications are due March 2, 1999