Research Mentor Placements

Our continuing effort to match available faculty with students' interests has resulted in the following current placements: (click on the name to send email)
Student Mentor
Thomas Boatwright
Case Western Reserve University
Experimental Structures of Spin Values with Organic Spacing Layers
Arthur Epstein
Bryan Chen
Harvard University
Excitations in a 2D Metal-Insulator Array
David Stroud/Nandini Trivedi
Mary Felix
University of Portland
Monte Carlo Simulation of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays for the Pierre Auger Observatory
Jim Beatty
Courtney Jarman
University of Michigan
Supercontinuum Generation in Sapphire: A Measurement of Intensity
Douglass Schumacher
Mark Kipling
Wright State University
Heating and Cooling of the FASSST Spectrometer
Frank DeLucia
Nicholas Nelson
Brigham Young University
Quasinormal Modes of Extremal RN Black Holes and the Search for a Quantum Theory of Gravity
Samir Mathur
Dominick Olivito
Ohio State University
Adding the Third Dimension to Online Track Finding at CDF: Development of the SLAM Board
Brian Winer/Richard Hughes
John Palsmeier
Benedictine College
The Search for the Higgs Boson, and the CMS Project
Stan Durkin
Austen Rau
Ohio State University
Identification of Mixing of D-zero and its Antiparticle Using Neural Network Software
Richard Kass
Amory Schlender
Reed College
Flow State Transitions In A Large-Radius, Small-Gap Taylor-Couette System
David Andereck