REU 2003 Students, Mentors and Project Final Reports

Student and Project Final Report   Mentor
Austin Carter
College of Wooster
Optimizing Polymeric Field-Effect Devices
Art Epstein
Abigail Daane
Mount Holyoke
Brightness and Color Variation in the Hot Pulsating Horizontal Branch Star PG1627+017
Don Terndrup
Nicholas Harmon
College of Wooster
Quality Control of Muon Detectors for BaBar at The Ohio State University
Richard Kass
Katie Hinko
Ohio State University
Transitions in the Small Gap Limit of Taylor-Couette Flow
Dave Andereck
Michael Kagan
University of Michigan
Quasiparticle Description of the Quark Gluon Plasma
Ulrich Heinz
Matthew Kistler
University of Florida
The Effect of Warm Dark Matter on Primordial Helium Production
Bob Scherrer/Terry Walker
Kevin Knobbe
Rutgers University
The Search for New Physics and the Higgs Boson
Stan Durkin  
David Layton
North Georgia State University
A Statistical Analysis of RNA Folding Algorithms Through Thermodynamic Parameter Perturbation
Ralf Bundschuh
Jesse Noffsinger
University of Kansas
Step Bunching on Si(111)
Jonathon Pelz  
Andrew Parkes
St. John's (NY)
Plasma Formation and Self-focusing in Continuum Generation
Doug Schumacher
Gregory Sollenberger
Western Illinois University
Femtosecond Time Resolution in the Study of Protein Hydration
Dongping Zhong
Mark Zimmerman
Miami University (OH)
Investigation of Contact Resistance and Aluminum Spiking during NiSi Nickel Mono-Silicide formation
Paul Berger