REU 2001 Students, Mentors and Project Final Reports


Student and Project Final Report




Kendal Clark


Raman Spectroscopy of Colossal 

Magnetostrictive Perovskite Materials


R. Sooryakumar


Daniel Feldman


Alignment of the ITS for ALICE

Tom Humanic


Stephen Hicks


Electroluminescence in Polymers


Art Epstein


Lindsay Hopper


Flow Instability Onset

 in Dextran Solutions

Dave Andereck


Mary Hughes


Search For CP Violation in 

Neutral D decays to Three Neutral Pions

Richard Kass


David Johnston


Constraining Primordial Helium-4 Abundance

 by Cosmic Microwave Background

 Radiation Anisotropies

Bob Scherrer


Mira Keddis


An Exposure of 

the Electronics of the CMS Project

Stan Durkin


Gregory Mack


The Effect of the Primordial Helium-4

 Abundance on the Power Spectrum 

of the Cosmic Microwave Background


Terry Walker


Tracy Moore


Genetic Algorithms

Doug Schumacher


Christopher Schroeder


Search for the Decay of B Mesons

 to Four Charged Muons

 in Electron-Positron Collisions at CESR

Klaus Honscheid


Amy Sommer


Electron Bean Harmonic 

Generation of Submillimeter Waves

Frank De Lucia


Matt Tilley


Free Streaming and Hydrodynamic Simulations

of Heavy Nucleus Collisions ar RHIC

Ulrich Heinz


Michael Tychonievich


Experimental Setup for Understanding 

the Superconductor to Insulator Transition in YBCO Films

Tom Lemberger