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Physics 295 Syllabus Autumn 2011

Instructors Office Email Phone
Dr. Richard Hughes 1040L Physics Research Building 614-292-8523
Lindsey Thaler 1142 Physics Research Building 614-247-1635

Office Hours:
Dr. Hughes: Schedule an appointment through Robin Wyatt via email at or phone at 614-292-8523 Lindsey Thaler: Schedule an appointment via email at or phone at 614-247-1635

Required Materials:
A speaker survey sheet will be handed out at the beginning of each class starting on the second week. Hand the survey sheets in at the end of class before you leave. This is how we will take attendance. Make sure your name is on the sheet and is legible.

Course Website:

Course Objectives:
  • To introduce students to departmental research
  • To familiarize students with the Arts and Sciences Physics and Engineering Physics programs, degree requirements, and opportunities
  • To help students map out a class schedule for every term up until graduation.
Attendance Policy:
Attendance is Required. Attendance at 6 of the 8 speaker presentations is required for a passing grade. Attendance will be based off of the speaker surveys that are handed in at the end of class.

Exused Absence Policy: In order to be considered for an excused absence, students should notify one of the instructors PRIOR to the absence, unless circumstances prevent notification. Requests for excused absences will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Illnesses will only be excused for students with a doctor's note.

Class Assignments:
Speaker Surveys:
  • Survey sheets will be given to students at the beginning of each class period. If you come to class late, there will be extra sheets availabel at the back of the room.
  • Speaker surveys are to be completed during the presentation and will be handed in at the end of class. This is how attendance will be taken.
  • Students must hand in a survey for at least 6 of the 8 speaker presentations. If a student hands in less than 6 completed surveys, he or she will automatically fail the course.

End of the Quarter Project:
  • The End of the Quarter Project is a sample schedule that each student is required to create based on which program (Arts and Sciences Physics major, Engineering Physics major, or Physics minor) they choose.
  • The template for the sample schedules is available as an .xlsx file under the "contents" tab in CARMEN. Instructions on how to complete the template are also on CARMEN.
  • Please only include Math, Science, and Engineering courses (when applicable). Do not include GEC courses.
  • The templates are to be downloaded, filled out, and uploaded to the CARMEN drop box no later than 5:00pm on Friday December 2nd.
  • The End of the Quarter Project must be completed and submitted on time in order to pass the course.