The Craft of Scientific Writing

Michael Alley, © 1996 by Springer-Verlag Publishers

Chapter 1. Introduction: Deciding Where to Begin

Chapter 2. Structure: Organizing Your Documents

Chapter 3. Structure: Providing Transition, Depth, and Emphasis

Chapter 4. Language: Being Precise

Chapter 5. Language: Being Clear

Chapter 6. Language: Being Forthright

Chapter 7. Language: Being Familiar

Chapter 8. Language: Being Concise

Chapter 9. Language: Being Fluid

Chapter 10. Illustration: Making the Right Choices

Chapter 11. Illustration: Creating the Best Designs

Chapter 12. Writing Correspondence

Chapter 13. Writing Proposals

Chapter 14. Writing Instructions

Chapter 15. Preparing Presentations

Chapter 16. Format: Dressing Documents for Success

Chapter 17. Actually Sitting Down to Write

Appendix A: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Grammar and Punctuation

Appendix B: A Usage Guide for Scientists and Engineers

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