Referee Report of Medium Paper



  1. Topic sentences. Underline the topic sentences in the text. Comments.
  2. Abstract and conclusion. How does the
    1. abstract specifically identify the main points and physics of the paper?
    2. conclusion aptly summarize the main points and physics of the paper?
  3. Figures(s) and caption(s). How well does the figure and its caption strongly enhance the paper's message? Does the figure deliver a main point of the paper?
  4. Dangling Ends. What unanswered questions does the paper raise?
  5. Structure.* How does the structure of the paper enhance its clarity? [Note: Structure includes (i) order in which questions/topics are introduced, (ii) their development into paragraphs, and (iii) cumulative ``story'' progress to establish main conclusion.]

Feel free to indicate ``typos" directly on your copy of the paper.

Return the paper with this report.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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