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  1. Will Electric Vehicles Really Reduce Pollution
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Non-class sample

When you read the Lessons of Kosovo don't concentrate on whether you agree with the writer but instead on how skillfully he organizes his arguments. He starts each point with a sentence (I put in italics) that summarizes a common objection to the administration's Kosovo policy. In the paragraph he argues (often successfully) ) the fallacy in the point of view and then closes with a sharply worded summary that turns the opening sentence around to his view.

In each paragraph, starting with a clear objection to his position, he shows the weakness of the objection, reversing it to his position. While not perfect, the essay is skillfully done.

Finally note that this short piece has an abstract:

Throughout the 2000 election season and for decades to come, Democrats and Republicans will go on debating who was right and who was wrong in Kosovo. They still don't get it. The point isn't who was wrong. The point is to understand what was wrong and to learn the corresponding lessons.
and a conclusion
Who was wrong about Kosovo? Those who were too cynical to challenge the ways of the world, too preoccupied with the past to see the present, and too obsessed with who was wrong to recognize what was right.

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