Collection of Resources

Online information
American Heritage Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Oxford English Dictionary
Encyclopaedia Brittanica also & finally.
Database and other resources
Writing Skills Resources
OWL: Online writing laboratory
Grammar and Style Notes by Jack Lynch
Strunk's Elements of Style; Short list of rules
Elements of Style for Web Design, Christine Quinn
Allyn and Bacon Site on English Composition.
Text/exercises from "The Craft of Scientific Writing" by M Alley, 3rd edition
Assessments and essays Assessments and essays
Freshmen assess their abilities
The challenge of communicating science to the public
Preoccupied by physics
Value of planning ahead, avoiding all-nighters, sleep deprivation, quiz on sleep, with answers,
Variety of learning styles
Grammatically incorrect
Proofreading exercises
Noodling around: Editors I have known and loved

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