Common features of both talks.

  1. Use viewgraphs, see guide.
  2. Meet with instructor a few days before talk to discuss draft of of viewgraphs and graded paper. See email & below for schedule.
  3. Bring one copy of the viewgraph for the instructor to consult during the talk and later in trying to understand peer review
  4. Peer review will be used in assessing the grade
  5. Viewgraph masters supplied even shortly before talk will be quickly transferred to transparencies. Viewgraph masters supplied the night before are especially appreciated.
  6. Suggestions for improving the viewgraphs will be given at any time.

Draft Schedule of meetings over talk/paper

Friday April 16	      Monday April 19      Tuesday April 20
12:30  Long             9:30 Collins         9:30 Donaldson 
 2:30  Brocketti        1:30 Damico

Friday April 23       Tuesday April 27     Thursday April 29
9:30  Loomis            9:30  Ngeow           9:30 Phillips
10:30 Jones             10:30 Marusa         10:30 Vianello
12:30 Kennedy		 

Friday April 30
1:30  Weingartner
3:30  Vincent