Comments on the Short Talk

          [Comments on a single talk separated by italics or, and, but.]

Almost all the main pts are on vgs, but they're all in point form, little bit of sentences would help.

No main points on vgs [three times].

Vgs were very good, easy to follow;
   and main pts on vgs, good amount of info
   and vgs generally well done, info on them was the right amount;
   but too much info on vgs;
   however math sheet was full [three times].

Dark background with light lettering hard to read
   and vgs not clear visually
   and vgs unreadable
   and some poor resolution [of vgs]
   and figures impossible to read due to their poor quality but speaker
      explained points they were supposed to illustrate
   but main pts were on vgs, quite easy to follow the talk, figures
      generally good.

Many comments that letters were too small to read.

Organization           See how gentle the complaints are.

Well organizized
  and logical presentation
  and points seemed to flow [twice]
  but development jumped around some.

Organization was ok [twice]
  and pretty logical organization
  and I'm sure he was organized ...
  finally organization was lacking
  and I did not understand what [topic] was until half the talk was finished.

Jumped right into the topic
  and intro was not very specific
  and I seemed to have missed intro and conclusion
  and Still no intro
  and ... not as clear an intro as possible
  but speaker had a clear intro to topic, developed ideas in logical manner.

Followed a precise format and did not waver
  and ideas seemed well laid out
  and organization was logical
  and development was good
  and had good organization of idea
  and good intro of ideas, those ideas were indeed
      developed, and good wrapup of those ideas
  but didn't understand a lot of it.

Very logical flow of topics
  and development of ideas was wonderful
  and structure and logical flow is fine
  and ideas were well organized and [flowed] smoothly into each other
  but didn't really see point of talk until third vg.


Captured interest [7 times]
  but if you hadn't had the course not clear what the point was.

Was very interested in topic   and made subject interesting [twice]
  and interesting but I didn't understand where he was going
  but Not especially enlightening but easy to understand
  and did not capture interest, yes, was lost [twice]
  and Not especially enlightening but easy to understand.

Interesting topic but he did speak choppy
  and interesting topic but section on ... was unclear
  and interesting topic but he didn't develop his ... terms as well as I hoped
  and captured interest but was just a little lost on what ... were,
  finally did not capture my interest, got lost with too
      many details and speaker jumped from one topic to another.

General Comments

Speaker did not seem comfortable with topic
  and nervousness impeded talk
  and He stood in front of the projector, so I could not see it at all.

Interest in material communicated
  and Good energy, excellent volume and enunciation; moved around which was great.

Good physical presentation
  but very stagnate, not much movement.

Talked seemed rushed
  and spoke quickly [three times]
  but speak more slowly [twice].

An entertaining speaker, managed to hold audience attention even though most of us would not willingly attend a talk on this topic.