Possible Topics for Papers/Talks

Searching for topics and references

Short and medium papers suggestions

These topics are the same as for the talks, but the audiences  
are different:  
	short/medium paper -- non-technical peers
	10/20 minute talk  -- classmates in 596

One person per topic

Top 1998 Physics Stories in Physics News Update
Physical Review Focus
Physics Success Stories

Important inventions in last 2000 years.
Top discoveries in astronomy 		Einstein rings from space warping
Various space shots (planets, satellites view of earth, etc.)
     See, for example, 13 March 1998 Science (pp. 1671-1696)
Computing modeling of cosmos

Holography				Lasers: solid state; high-intensity
Nuclear magnetic resonance		Magnetic resonance imaging
Why materials break 			Plasticity/superplasticity 
Quantum wells or dots			Molecular beam epitaxy
Rocket propulsion			Atomic clocks (amazingly difficult)

Description of research of some OSU faculty
Contribution of some scientist, e.g., Tesla, Neurosurgeon example

Wave-particle duality as revealed by experiments
Uncertainty relation, see Heisenberg.
Fractal structure (with or without chaos)

New magnets				physics of recording 
High pressure effects			insulator -> supercondutor

Probing the structure of atoms	 	Imaging atoms
Optical molasses			ultra fast lasers
internal structure of nuclei 		Quarks
Weather or climate modeling		El Nino Also Science 283, 950-954 (1999)

The solar neutrino problem		Neutrinos
High temperature superconductivity	Josephson junctions and devices
Buckyballs				Carbon nanotubes
Neural networks				Quantum computers
MEMS: micromachines and recent advances	MEMS: microsensors or biosensors			

Radar, esp. current uses		stealth technology
Fuel cells 				Solar cells
Scanning tunneling microscope (STM) 	Atomic force microscope (AFM)
Pacemakers				Bar code scanners/security sys.
Bird/bee navigation			Physics of hearing
Nuclear weapons cleanup
Physics of sports			 Sweet spots, tennis and baseball
Physics of insect flight

Long -- public policy -- paper suggestions

One person per topic

Note: you have to produce a sentence outline before writing.

Nuclear test ban violation  
Misconduct/fraud in science. See bibliography for references.  
	Try article section first.  
	See also Chronicle of Higher Education article by C. K. Gunsalus.
See also Ethics for broader range of topics.
Role of biotechnology in agriculture. See Chronicle of Higher Education
	article by Nina V. Federoff.
Public perception of the internet.  See Georgia Tech survey for example.
Scientific challenges after the Cold War: Science-based stockpile stewardship,
   Monitoring nuclear pollution; see nuclear waste dump.

Is cholesterol (metadoses of vitamin C, marijuana, etc.) dangerous?
The search for extra-terrestrial intelligence	
The feasibility for and/or necessity of scientific literacy.
Global warming: fact or fiction		Will solar power ever be practical?
The case for nuclear energy		The case against nuclear energy
Cold fusion and scientific fraud 	Are low E&M fields dangerous?
The case for public money for science	...for the arts; for the humanities
Manned versus unmanned space stations	Big versus small science
Apollo missions				Space station/shuttle
Ozone holes and their importance	Non-polluting cars
Do we need more scientists/engineers?	Is the earth overpopulated?
The internet: blessing or curse?	Censorship on the internet
Media hype versus scientific fact	The feasibility for fusion power
Cellular phones & driving		Supersonic transport	
Genetic research                        Cloning
Genetic enhancement in humans
X-ray telescope
Science illiteracy,  see Augustine article .
Experiments on humans/animals; start with Nuremberg Code, then opinion on human subjects.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.
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