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Friday 24 Sept

Wednesday 29 Sept


Friday 8 Oct


9 am email

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12:30 pm Main office


Short-Paper/10-Minute-Talk Assignments



Topic of Short Paper/Talk

Date of 10-Minute Talk




John Gerstenlager

Magnetically Levitated Trains

Thursday 14 Oct

Joshua Holt

Concentrating Solar Panels

Thursday 14 Oct

Jill Jacobs

Iris Pattern Recognition: Eye-Popping Technology

Friday 15 Oct

Patrick McCarren

Quantum Computing Benefits

Friday 15 Oct

Nathan Nelson

The Free Radical Theory of Aging

Monday 18 Oct

Larry Sanders

Uranium Mill Tailings

Monday 18 Oct

David Wilhelm

Sailing in Space

Tuesday 19 Oct

Garrett Wonders

Electric Vehicles Today and Tomorrow

Tuesday 19 Oct

Jason Wright

Neutrino Oscillations

Wednesday 20 Oct

Mike Ackerman

Inertial Confinement Fusion and the National Ignition System

Wednesday 20 Oct

Matt Buoni

The Physics of Tsunamis

Friday 22 Oct

Chris Disilvestri

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Friday 22 Oct

Matt Dorsten

Neutrino Mass

Monday 25 Oct


Speakers may interchange dates. After such a switch,
please email the switched dates to me and Tom Barrett.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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