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David Wilhelm

The future of using F1-ATPase to power nano-electro-mechanical systems

Monday 8 Nov

Larry Sanders

Positron emission tomography

Tuesday 9 Nov

Nathan Nelson

Sickle cell anemia and malarial resistance

Wednesday 10 Nov

Patrick McCarren

Chromatography: the task of separation

Friday 12 Nov

Jill Jacobs

Using the Doppler shift to detect extrasolar planets

Monday 15 Nov

Joshua Holt

A short overview of fuel cells

Wednesday 17 Nov

John Gerstenlager


Thursday 18 Nov

Matt Dorsten

Effective field theory for nuclear physics

Friday 19 Nov

Chris Disilvestri

Tsunamis, great treacherous waves of the ocean

Monday 22 Nov

Matt Buoni

Pumping a swing

Tuesday 23 Nov

Mike Ackerman

How genetic algorithms are used to find numerical solutions to problems

Monday 29 Nov

Jason Wright

The theory of neural networks, focusing on the perceptron network

Tuesday 30 Nov

Garrett Wonders

Radiation effects on human health and the linear no-threshold hypothesis

Wednesday 1 Dec


Speakers may interchange dates. After such a switch,
please email the switched dates to me and Tom Barrett.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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