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Wed 10 Nov

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Medium-Paper/20-Minute-Talk Assignments



Topic of Medium Paper/Talk

Mike Ackerman

The dangers of marijuana

Matt Buoni

Complexity - hype or reality?

Chris Disilvestri

Should lie detectors be used in courtroom case?

Matt Dorsten

Possible carcinogenic effects of electromagnetic fields

John Gerstenlager

Should food be irradiated?

Joshua Holt

Health hazards of electromagnetic fields

Jill Jacobs

The teaching of evolution vs. creationism in schools

Patrick McCarren

Food additives and their approval for use by the FDA

Nathan Nelson

The use of antibiotics must be more strictly regulated

Larry Sanders

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction

David Wilhelm

The impact of artificial intelligence technology on the proposed National Information Infrastructure

Garrett Wonders

The scientific basis for a motorcycle helmet law in Ohio

Jason Wright

The dangers of marijuana




Speakers may interchange dates. After such a switch,
please email the switched dates to me and Tom Barrett.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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