Here, I have embedded a proton (P = [0.6,0.0,1.0] GeV) into a Au+Be event at the pixel level.
This was with the slow simulator provided by Gulshan (but now debugged and with functionality from SUNYSB), and based on a macro by Dieter.

The hits are tagged according to the geantid of the simulated particle, based on the pixel tagging algorithm revived by Chris and Paul at SUNYSB. Using the latest version of the 2dh (H2Dv1.20 released 4 december 1997), based on SUNY-local fixes by Paul, we can tell which hits are from the embedded track.

Once the simulation/embedding was over, the data was processed by:

Hey-- Why does this event look noisier with 2dh than with 1dh??!!