E895 Summer Collaboration Meeting 1997

The Summer meeting of the E895 collaboration will be held 7-8 July at The Ohio State Universiy.
Information on the meeting will be put here as it develops. Questions/information can be sent to Mike Lisa.

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Local Transportation and Weather
Preliminary Agenda

For emergencies large and small (but not TOO small), the home phone number of Mike is 614-854-0035.

Local Info/Weather

OSU is located in Columbus, Ohio, site of the next APS Spring Meeting, and largest city in Ohio

Local weather for Columbus.

Port Columbus International Airport, including numbers for rental cars.

Some neat browsable maps:

The road in red on these maps called "Moody Jackson Parkway" is usually called "315".
Local Map to Fawcett Center
Local Map to Holiday Inn

How to get here


Rooms have been set aside at two hotels close to campus. You should make your reservations as soon as possible. Please mention that you are with "E895/EOS Collaboration Meeting" to get good rates.

Preliminary Agenda

7 July, Monday. Room 4 at the Fawcett Center
7:45 AM Continental breakfast available in meeting room.
8:00 Welcome M. Lisa
8:10 E895 Status/News G. Rai
Calibration Session
8:20 Gains, t0, badpads C. Pinkenburg, P. Chung
8:45 Badpad recognition by eye H. Liu
9:00 Laser analysis, DISTN table J. Draper
9:20 Discussion of DISTN Correction Effects All
9:30 Drift Velocity and Canary Studies J. Draper
9:50 Beam Energy Studies with MUSIC J. Romero
10:00 Coffee Break/discussion
Event Reconstruction Software Session
10:30 Hitfinders discussion and comparison M. Lisa
11:00 Trackers discussion and comparison D. Best
11:30 A Look at Track Merging/Splitting R. Wells
11:45 dE/dx with the hitfinders/trackers N. Stone
12:05 PM PID Analysis Module H. Liu
12:30 Lunch Break
Software Infrastructure Session
1:45 Software Organization - CVS N. Stone
2:10 TAS 3 Update M. Gilkes
2:25 Vertexing schemes in the main TPC D. Best
2:40 Coffee Break
2:50 DST Output format D. Best, N. Stone
3:15-5:00 Major Discussion of issues raised All
5:00 Summary of decisions taken Led by G. Rai
5:30 Adjourn
7:00 Collaboration Dinner

8 July, Tuesday. Banquet Room D at the Fawcett Center
7:45 AM Continental breakfast available in meeting room.
E895 Physics Program and Priorities
8:00(The idea here is that Gulshan summarizes the priorities/projects of the institutions, with updates from institutional leaders, if neccessary.)G. Rai
Simulations Session
8:20 Simulations Studies for 2-4 GeV R. Lacey
8:35 Efficiency Studies for 8 GeVA. Das
8:45 Fast and Slow Simulators and PVD Developments NN Ajitanand
8:50 Discussion of Simulation Issues to be addressed All
Pre-DST Physics Results
9:15 Flow results H. Liu
9:30 Pion flow B. Caskey and J. Kintner
9:45 Squeeze-out R. Witt
10:00 Coffee Break
10:15 Elliptic Flow (2-4 A GeV) and PID C. Pinkenburg
10:40 Strange Particles (2-4 A GeV) P. Chung
11:00 Strangeness Production D. Best
11:15 Performance of MUSIC (2-4 A GeV) J. Romero
11:30 E895 MUSIC studies J. Chance
11:45 Why no MUSIC at 6-8 A GeV J. Draper
12:00 PM Reports from conferences D. Best, and others
12:15 Lunch
12:30 PM Wrap up and Physics Priorities/Policy Discussion ALL (led by G. Rai)
EOS (at Bevalac) Session
2:00? EOS Collaboration Agenda H.G. Ritter
2:10 Purdue analyses and papers J. Elliot
2:40 MUSIC results J. Chance
3:00 Comments on Lambda paper D. Keane

Questions/comments to Mike Lisa

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