Nuclear Physics Seminar

Heavy quarkonium as probes of deconfined matter

Baoyi Chen (Tsinghua University (Beijing, China) )

Thursday, May 08th, 2014, 11:10 am

Heavy quarkonium have long been considered as a good probe of the deconfined matter(QGP). Its suppression by color-screening is a strong evidence of QGP existence produced in heavy-ion collisions. But quarkonium regeneration through quark recombination in QGP makes it difficult to fully understand the quarkonium suppression mechanisms and extract hot deconfined medium information. Also, cold nuclear matter effects and feed-down contribution from other states makes the experimental data more challenging and even confusing. Here, based on the Boltzmann-type transport model, i will talk about the charmonium suppression and regeneration in the transverse and longitudinal direction with elastic and inelastic collisions, and B-hadron decay contribution to charmonium excited state(2S). Also, Upsilon suppression mechanism by QGP will be discussed briefly.

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