Nuclear Physics Seminar

Chiral symmetry breaking on light-like planes

Silas Beane (University of Washington)

Special Time: Monday, September 16th, 2013, 2:30pm

I will review various essential aspects of chiral symmetry breaking in null-plane quantization; a general proof of Goldstone's theorem will be presented, and the interesting manner in which the Gell-Mann-Oakes-Renner relation, a statement about quark condensation in QCD, is recovered in null-plane quantized QCD will be demonstrated. I will then discuss the interesting algebra that mixes the internal and spacetime symmetries on a null-plane. First, I will show that the spin-flavor symmetry group of the non-relativistic quark model is contained as a non-trivial solution of the algebra, and I will then establish the relation between this algebra and high-energy scattering processes involving Goldstone bosons.

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