Nuclear Physics Seminar

Optimization of chiral NN and 3N forces

Andreas Ekström (University of Oslo and NSCL/Michigan State University)

Chiral effective field theory offers a controlled and systematic expansion of the nuclear force. The dynamics depend on a set of low energy constants (LECs) that can be determined from experimental nucleon-nucleon scattering data. We have recently employed a mathematical optimization algorithm called POUNDerS in order to optimize the chiral force parameters. At next-to-next-to-leading order (NNLO), the resulting χ2/datum with respect to experimental two-nucleon scattering data is reduced by almost an order of magnitude compared to previous efforts. In addition to presenting the details of our optimization efforts I will present some results from ab initio and shell-model calculations in light- and medium-mass isotopes using the POUNDerS-optimized NNLO interaction. It is interesting to see that we obtain the leading-order nuclear physics using a leading-order force. This shows that there is room to systematically improve the presently available chiral interactions.

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