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*Mathematica Example Notebooks

If you use Internet Explorer on one of the Windows machines in 1011 or 2064, selecting a Mathematica notebook link will automatically open Mathematica with that notebook.

Date RevisedNotebookComments
06/27/00 Debugging Mathematica notebook with some suggestions for debugging Mathematica expressions
06/27/00 Vector Manipulations Mathematica notebook with examples of vector stuff (dot product, cross product, etc.)
06/26/00 Taylor Series Mathematica notebook with examples of Taylor series expansions
06/28/00 Numerical Diff. Eq.s Mathematica notebook with examples of numerical differential equation solving.
06/28/00 Functions with Options Mathematica notebook showing how to write functions with two types of optional arguments (with defaults).
06/26/00 Square Wave Mathematica notebook showing a square wave being built from sine waves.
06/26/00 Defining n! Mathematica notebook with many ways to define n!.
06/26/00 Least-Squares Fits Mathematica notebook with examples of least-square fitting.
06/26/00 Rolling Dice Mathematica notebook with simulation of rolling dice.
06/26/00 Euler's Equations Mathematica notebook with the book flipping problem analyzed.
06/26/00 Colliding Pulses Mathematica notebook with animations of colliding pulses.
06/26/00 Differential Equations Mathematica notebook with examples of differential equation solving.
06/26/01 Mir Space Station Great notebook on rotational kinematics, done by an astronaut.
06/26/01 Solving the Schroedinger equation From the Phys263 class, a numerical integration of the Schroedinger equation.
06/26/01 Plumb bob  
06/26/01 Pedagogical machine Animation of the famous chapter 2 problem from Kleppner and Kolenkow.

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OSU/REU Tutorial Sessions

Additional Handouts/Notebooks

Session 2 Mathematica notebook with session 2 examples.
Session 3 Mathematica notebook with session 3 examples.
Session 4 Mathematica notebook with session 4 examples.
Session 5 Mathematica notebook with session 5 examples.
Session 6 Mathematica notebook with session 6 examples.

Mathematica Tutorial Exercises

Session 1 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 2 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 3 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 4 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.
Session 5 Mathematica exercises in pdf format.

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