Physics 880.05 Pictures

Here we list figures, pictures, graphs, etc. related to the course. Many of these are scanned.

To make the figures from Wong's book, we scan at screen resolution (72 dpi), enlarge them to a width of 7.5 inches or so, and convert them to gifs. This makes small files and the resolution is not bad. However, they look pretty bad when printed. Should we also save higher resolution postscript files?


Figures from Wong (and Perkins)

Chapter 2: Kinematic Variables

Figure 2.1
Comparison of light cone variable x_+ and rapidity y for high-energy pp collisions.

Chapter 3: Nucleon-Nucleon Collisions

Figure 4.15 from Perkins
PP total and elastic cross sections.
Figure 4.16 from Perkins
Total and elastic cross sections for hadron-hadron collisions.
Figure 3.1
Average charged multiplicity for pp reactions and e+e- annihilations.
Figure 3.2
Pseudorapidity distribution of charged particles in pp reactions.
Figure 3.3
Differential invariant cross section in pp reactions at fixed com energy as function of p_T.
Figure 3.4
Invariant particle production cross sections as function of transverse mass m_T.
Figure 3.5
Invariant cross section for pp as function of p_T for two fixed values of x.
Figure 3.6
Differential cross section for pp as function of x.

Chapter 4: Hard Processes in Nucleon-Nucleon Collisions

Figure 4.2
Leading diagram to find counting rules for structure function.
Figure 4.4
Comparison of experiment and counting rule prediction for pp scattering.

Chapter 5:

Figure 5.3

Chapter 7:

Figure 7.2

Chapter 12:

Figure 12.1
Figure 12.2

Chapter 13:

Figure 13.1
Figure 13.2
Figure 13.3
Figure 13.4



QCD Phase Transitions


Tour of RHIC

RHIC Detectors (overview)

  1. STAR detector cartoon, taken from RHIC site.
  2. PHENIX detector cartoon, taken from RHIC site.
  3. PHOBOS detector cartoon, taken from RHIC site.
  4. BRAHMS detector cartoon, taken from RHIC site.

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