Course Outline for Physics 880.05

II. D. Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions (Chs. 12,13) Part 3

In this period we apply the Glauber approach from Chapter 12 to discuss the stopping power of nucleons in nucleon-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions. The material corresponds to section 13.1 in Wong's text.

Recap of Glauber Approach

Discuss Problem Set #2 Project

Generalities on Baryon Stopping

Baryon Stopping Using Feynman Scaling

Supplement 13.1 discusses how to find the distribution expected in light-cone momentum fraction x after a given number n NN collisions in the nucleus-nucleus collision. Figure 12.1 shows the distribution for pA collisions and we've discussed qualitatively many of the features.

Experimental Evidence for Nuclear Stopping

Consider Figure 13.1.

Next consider Figure 13.2.

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