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Physics 780.20 Computational Physics
Winter/Spring, 2004

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The course information is available here plus lots of supplementary info. Please check this page regularly.

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ReadingTopicClass Period
Landau/Paez, Ch. 2 exerpt Program implementation and number representation 01/05/04
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 1 (ps.gz) (pdf) Overview and contents 01/05/04
Landau/Paez, Ch. 3 exerpt Errors and Uncertainties in Computations 01/07/04
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 2 (ps.gz) (pdf) especially 2.2 and 2.3 01/07/04
Landau/Paez, Ch. 4 exerpt Integration 01/14/04
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 8 (ps.gz) (pdf) Numerical Integration 01/21/04
Landau/Paez, Ch. 8 Differentiation 01/28/04
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 4 (ps.gz) (pdf) Numerical Differentiation 01/28/04
Landau/Paez, Ch. 15 Matrix Computing and Subroutine Libraries 02/02/04
M. Hjorth-Jensen, Ch. 14 (ps.gz) (pdf) Differential Equations 02/11/04
Landau/Paez, Ch. 9 Differential Equations and Oscillations 02/11/04

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Problem Sets and Hints [subject to change!]

Click on the problem set number to get a copy of the assignment.

Problems from the second quarter:

Due DateAssignmentComments
04/15/04 #1 hints, suggestions, etc.
04/30/04 #2 hints, suggestions, etc.
05/14/04 #3 hints, suggestions, etc.
05/24/04 #4 hints, suggestions, etc.

Problems from the first quarter:

Due DateAssignmentComments
01/19/04 #1 hints, suggestions, etc.
01/30/04 #2 hints, suggestions, etc.
02/11/04 #3 hints, suggestions, etc.
02/23/04 #4 hints, suggestions, etc.

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2076/2082 Sessions

Copies of any handouts are available from Prof. Furnstahl or online below.

Date of SessionOverviewFiles
01/05/04 Session 1 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
01/07/04 Session 2 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
01/12/04 Session 2b all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
01/14/04 Session 3/4 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
01/28/04 Session 5 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
02/02/04 Session 6 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
02/09/04 Session 7 (part 1) all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
02/16/04 Session 7 (part 2) (no new files)
02/16/04 Session 8 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
02/23/04 Session 9 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
03/01/04 Session 10 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
03/03/04 Session 11 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
03/08/04 Session 12 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
03/10/04 Session 13 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
03/29/04 Session 14 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
03/31/04 Session 15 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
04/05/04 Session 16 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
04/12/04 Session 16b all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
04/14/04 Session 17 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
04/19/04 Session 18 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
04/21/04 Session 19 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
04/26/04 Session 20 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/03/04 Session 20 II all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/05/04 Session 21 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/10/04 Session 22 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/12/04 Session 23 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/17/04 Session 24 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/19/04 Session 25 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/24/04 Session 26 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
05/26/04 Session 27 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),
06/02/04 Session 28 all files (use "tar -xfvz" to unpack),

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Supplementary Class Notes

The notes are in PDF format only.

Class DateNotesComments
05-Jan-2004 class 1 Course logistics and references, overview, basic C++ code, representation of numbers
07-Jan-2004 class 2 round-off errors, makefile example
12-Jan-2004 class 3 C++ output formatting, multiplicative round-off errors, spherical Bessel function intro
14-Jan-2004 class 4 Round-off errors redux, spherical Bessel function recap, manipulators
21-Jan-2004 class 5 Comments on Assignments #1 and #2, type casting, graphs, using gnuplot variables, gnuplot plotfiles
26-Jan-2004 class 6 Recap integration rule approximation errors, Richardson extrapolation for derivatives and integrals
28-Jan-2004 class 7 Empirical error analysis (bonus on Assignment #2), overview of pointers and structures.
02-Feb-2004 class 8 Round-off error in numerical differentiation, solving the Schrodinger equation numberically, matrix method.
04-Feb-2004 class 9 Comments on timing and basis functions.
09-Feb-2004 class 10 Follow-up on matching conditions, speeding up the code, first look at differential equations
11-Feb-2004 class 11 Projects, constructing wave functions from basis states, observations about diagonalization, variational calculation.
16-Feb-2004 class 12 Estimating truncation error, more on differential equation algorithms, coupled equations.
18-Feb-2004 class 13 Brief notes on session 8.
23-Feb-2004 class 14 C++ strings, review of damped oscillator math and physics, characteristics of chaos.
25-Feb-2004 class 15 Brief notes on finishing session 9.
01-Mar-2004 class 16 Background on ode_test.cpp code (van der Pol oscillator), interpolation vs. data fitting, cubic splines.
08-Mar-2004 class 17 Brief notes on random number generation.
29-Mar-2004 class 18 Overview of spring quarter, 3-d plots with gnuplot, bash goodies, rsync and php.
31-Mar-2004 class 19 Partial differential equations using simple finite difference methods. Three examples (two-d Laplace equation, 1-d temperature diffusion, waves on a string).
05-Apr-2004 class 20 Comments on convergence checking, brief introduction to finite element method (one-d example).
07-Apr-2004 class 21 Von Neumann stability analysis, Crank-Nicolson method, finite element method
12-Apr-2004 class 22 Finite element method in 2D.
14-Apr-2004 class 23 Final finite element comments.
19-Apr-2004 class 24 Comments on Qt.
21-Apr-2004 class 25 Brief followups to assignments, solving integral equations numerically, overview of Casas et al. paper.
26-Apr-2004 class 26 Bound-state Schrodinger equation in momentum space, delta-shell potential.
28-Apr-2004 class 27 Calling Fortran from C++.
03-May-2004 class 28 Scattering phase shifts, Lippmann-Schwinger equation, finding the reaction (K) matrix).
05-May-2004 class 29 Multidimensional minimization.
10-May-2004 class 30 Lessons from multidimensional minimization, intro to Monte Carlo.
12-May-2004 class 31 Calculation of exact one-dimensional partition function, detailed balance, the exchange integral J in the Ising model
17-May-2004 class 32 Brief notes on Session 23 and 24.
19-May-2004 class 33 Mathematica follow-up to Assignment 3, evaluating thermal (or other) averages, variational Monte Carlo.
26-May-2004 class 34 Recap of Qt Designer, brief look at C++ classes with random walk example.
02-Jun-2004 class 35 Parallel processing with MPI.

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Handouts (printed and computer)

General Handouts (printed)

You have your choice of postscript (ps) or PDF format. If you're not sure, try PDF (and read it with Adobe Acrobat).

Last UpdatedHandoutComments
18-Jan-2004 Gnuplot basics (ps) (pdf) "Plotting Data from a File with Gnuplot"
18-Jan-2004 Gnuplot fitting (ps) (pdf) "Finding the Slope of XY Data from a File with Gnuplot"
18-Jan-2004 Gnuplot plot files (ps) (pdf) "Using a Plot File with Gnuplot"
18-Jan-2004 Tricky Integrals (ps) (pdf) "Integrals with Singularities or Discontinuous Derivatives"
12-Nov-2002 Input in C (ps) (pdf) "Interactive Input in C"
22-Nov-2002 GDB Debugger (ps) (pdf) "Using the GDB Debugger" -- A tutorial by example.
13-Jan-2004 Round-off Errors (ps) (pdf) A simple empirical investigation of the distribution of round-off errors.

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Computer Codes and Makefiles

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Mathematica Example Notebooks

If you use Internet Explorer on a Windows machine, selecting a Mathematica notebook link should automatically open Mathematica with that notebook. On Macs or linux machines or using other browsers, you can set this behavior.

Last RevisedNotebookComments
02/25/04 Nonlinear Differential Equations Mathematica notebook analyzing the Duffing equation.
02/25/04 Nonlinear Differential Equations: Pendulum Mathematica notebook analyzing the physical pendulum.
04/18/02 Fourier Transform Pictures Mathematica notebook showing in pictures how to project Fourier coefficients.
04/18/02 Square Wave Mathematica notebook showing a square wave being built from sine waves.

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