PHYSICS 7501:   Quantum Mechanics

Instructor: Samir D. Mathur (Office: M2026 Physics Research Building)

Fall 2018: M-W-F, 11.30-12.25 am, Scott 050

Grader: Bin Guo


Solutions to Text problems from the web These solutions have been posted online, but not be anyone connected to the course. You may use them for a cross check after you have solved the problems yourself, but in case of any errors in these solutions, you are still responsible for supplying the correct answer.

Week 1:

Assignment 1

Week 2:

There will be a 15 minute quiz in Friday Aug 31, with questions similar to that on HW 1.

Assignment 2

Quiz 1 solutions

Week 3:

Quiz 2 solutions

Assignment 3

An interesting article on group velocities

Week 4:

There will be a 15 minute quiz in Monday Sep 24, with questions similar to HW questions from Chapter 3.

Assignment 4