Pion HBT results from E895

The E895 Collaboration has studied HBT of negative pions for Au+Au collisions at bombarding energies 2-8 AGeV. Two experimental papers report our results. One of these represents a new direction in intensity interferometry, and required a seperate theory paper to discuss the information available. In another paper, we apply the source-imaging technique of Brown and Danielewicz to our correlation functions. Finally, the HBT results have been featured (along with other E895 data) in two Quark Matter presentations and proceedings.

Below, we provide access to these papers, including postscript and gif versions of the figures, and, in some cases, tabulations of the data.

Bombarding Energy Dependence of - Interferometry at the Brookhaven AGS

E895 Collaboration, Phys. Rev. Lett. 84, 2798 (2000)

Azimuthal dependence of pion interferometry at the AGS

E895 Collaboration, Phys. Lett. B496 1 (2000)

Update 2006
Unfortunately, the figures 3-5 which we published look not real nice, so here are some better versions. (Only appearance has changed.)

  • Figure 3 - 4 GeV: eps file or png file
  • Figure 4 - 2 GeV: eps file or png file
  • Figure 5 - 6 GeV: eps file or png file

    Tilted pion sources from azimuthally sensitive HBT interferometry

    M.A. Lisa, U. Heinz, and U.A. Wiedemann, Phys. Lett. B489 287 (2000)
    (Although this is not an E895 experimental paper, it was motivated by the need to explain the effects seen in the data of the previous paper listed.)

    Azimuthally-sensitive HBT - poster presented at Quark Matter 2001

    This poster (Heinz, Lisa, Weidemann) presents the basic idea and formalism of azimuthally-sensitive HBT, shows model calculations, and application to E895 data. Importantly, it also contains some symmetry considerations which apply to the HBT parameters.

    Get the poster as a powerpoint file here

    Beam Energy Evolution of HBT Systematics at the AGS

    E895 Collaboration, Nucl.Phys. A661 444c (2000)
    Proceedings of Quark Matter '99 - Torino, Italy

    Laying the groundwork at the AGS: Recent results from experiment E895

    E895 Collaboration, Nucl. Phys. A698 185c (2002).
    Proceedings of Quark Matter '01 - Stony Brook, NY

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