6D- Interference


6D10.10          Laser: Double Slit                                 6-3C                NCSU

6D15.20          Overhead Polarization                           57-1R

6D20.10          Laser: Diffraction Grating                      6-3C

6D20.24          Large Grating and Sources                    57-5R

6D20.25          Student Gratings and Sources               57-3R

6D20.32          Compact Disc Diffraction Grating          57-3R

6D30.10          Newton’s Rings                                    6-5C                Maryland

6D30.20          Soap Bubbles                                       68-3R              NCSU

6D30.21          Soap Film                                             68-6R              Maryland

6D30.30          Air Wedge                                           57-1C              Maryland  Maryland2

6D40.21          Microwaves: Lloyd’s Mirror                 4-6L