6A- Geometrical Optics                     


6A01.13          Speed of Light                                      57-3C

6A02.10          Bell Jar and Vacuum                             Dick                

6A10.10          Blackboard Optics: Plane Mirror          57-Left             NCSU  Maryland

6A10.18          Microwave Reflection                           4-6L                Maryland

6A10.20          Diffuse Reflection                                  57-2L              NCSU

6A10.30          Corner Mirror vs. Plane Mirror             57-1L 

6A10.32          Large Corner Mirror with Lizard           68-3C

6A10.32          Candle Under Water                            57-3L

6A20.10          Blackboard Optics: Curved Mirrors      57-Left             NCSU  Maryland  Maryland2

6A20.30          Mirror and Light Bulb in Socket            37-top              NCSU  Maryland

6A20.35          Mirage                                                 57-3C              NCSU  Maryland

6A20.45          Curved Mirror                                      9-4L                NCSU  Maryland

6A20.52          Spoon                                                  57-4R

6A20.60          Firecracker                                           9-4C                Maryland

6A40.40          Index of Refraction: Variable Angle       57-4L

6A42.10          Blackboard Optics: Refraction              57-left              NCSU  Maryland

6A42.21          Refraction Tank: Refraction                   4-7L                NCSU

6A42.30          Refraction Model                                  57-2L             

6A42.45          Bent Stick                                            57-3C              Maryland  Maryland2

6A44.20          Refraction Tank: Total Internal Refl       4-7L                Maryland

6A44.40          Light Pipes and Bundle                         57-4C              NCSU  Maryland  Maryland2

6A44.44          Optic Tree                                            57-4C              NCSU  Maryland

6A44.45          Crooked Light Saber                            68-6L              NCSU  Maryland

6A60.10          Blackboard Optics: Lens                      57-Left             NCSU  Maryland  Maryland2

6A60.30          Optic Bench                                         57-4R              NCSU

6A65.56          Dioxide Glass                                       67-3R

6A65.70          Fresnel Lens                                         57-2C              NCSU  Maryland  Maryland2