5H- Magnetic Fields and Forces


5H10.20          Oersted Apparatus                               29-Top            NCSU Demoroom  Maryland  Maryland2

5H10.30          Magnet and Iron Filings                        29-5C              NCSU Demoroom  Maryland

5H10.34          Magnetic Domains                                29-5C

5H15.10          Magnetic Field: Wire                            29-5L              NCSU Demoroom  Maryland  Maryland2

5H15.11          Magnetic Field: Loop                            29-5L              Maryland

5H15.20          Schumachershapes                               57-Up

5H15.40          Magnetic Field: Solenoid                       29-5L              NCSU Demoroom  Maryland  Maryland2

5H15.48          Coaxial Cable Example                         29-4R

5H20.10          Magnets on Pivot                                  29-5C              NCSU Demoroom

5H20.11          Magnet Cars                                        29-4R

5H25.10          Magnet and Moving Coil                      29-6L              NCSU Demoroom

5H25.11          Coil and Moving Magnet                      29-6L

5H25.25          Solenoid and Tap Switch                      29-5R              Maryland  Maryland2

5H30.10          TV/CRT Tube                                      29-7L              NCSU Demoroom

5H30.15          Crooke's Tube                                     29-6R              Maryland  Maryland2  Maryland3

5H30.20          E/M Apparatus                                     29-7R

5H40.10          Parallel Wires                                       28-4C              Maryland  Maryland2

5H40.23          Party Lamp                                          4-1C

5H40.27          Speaker                                               4-1C

5H40.28          Speaker Guts                                       11-5C

5H40.35          Jumping Wire                                       28-6C              Maryland  Maryland2

5H40.40          Arnold                                                  28-3C              Maryland

5H40.71          Rolling Rod                                          28-5C

5H50.10          Open Galvanometer                              29-7C

5H50.20          Soft Shape:  Torque on a Loop             57-Up              NCSU Demoroom  Maryland  Maryland2