5F- DC Circuits


5F10.10           Active Physics 2: Circuits                      PC                   Maryland

5F20.18           Variac and Light Bulb                           29-1R

5F20.20           Pencil Burn                                           29-1C

5F20.33           Fuse Board                                          Dick

5F20.45           Nichrome/Copper Wire                        29-1C

5F20.50           Series Parallel Apparatus                      8-5R                NCSU Demoroom  Maryland  Maryland2

5F20.73           Throw the Switch                                 29-2R

5F30.12           RC Half-Life                                        29-2C

5F30.20           RC Charge/Discharge on Scope           29-1L              Maryland  Maryland2  Maryland3

5F30.60           Neon RC                                             29-2L