3B- Wave Motion

3B10.05           The Wave: Transverse                          NA                  NCSU

3B10.10           Standing Wave Spring: Pulse                 10-3C              NCSU  Maryland

3B10.12           Cranky Wave Machine                         5-Right

3B10.14           Dell Waves                                           PC

3B10.20           Slinky on Table                                     10-4C              NCSU  Maryland

3B10.30           Shive Wave Machine: Transverse          10-3R              NCSU  Maryland

3B20.05           The Wave: Longitudinal                        NA                  NCSU

3B20.12           Cranky Wave Machine                         5-Right

3B20.30           Shive Wave Machine: Longitudinal        10-6R              NCSU

3B22.10           Standing Wave Machine                       9-4R                NCSU

3B22.10           Driven Standing Waves                         10-3L              NCSU  Maryland

3B22.12           Standing Wave Spring                          10-3C

3B22.14           Electromagnetic Driven Wire                 10-3L              Maryland

3B22.30           Shive Wave Machine: Transverse          10-3R              NCSU  Maryland

3B22.60           Shive Wave Machine: Longitudinal        10-6R              NCSU

3B22.70           Water Standing Wave                           10-6L              Maryland  Maryland2

3B22.75           Soft Shape: Waves                               57-Up

3B25.20           Shive Wave Machine: Reflection           10-3R              NCSU

3B25.26           Standing Wave Spring: Reflection          10-3C              Maryland

3B25.55           Space Phone                                        10-4L

3B27.24           Dell Waves: Three Standing Waves       PC

3B30.30           Bell in Vacuum                                     Dick                 NCSU  Maryland

3B30.50           Helium Tank                                         5-Right             Maryland

3B30.65           Music Box                                            Dick

3B33.10           Two Waves (On Scope)                       5-Under

3B39.20           Dominoes                                             10-4C

3B39.21           Tip the Cow                                         10-4C

3B39.30           Cranky Wave Machine                         5-Right

3B40.10           Doppler Ball                                         10-4C              NCSU  Maryland

3B50.10           Ripple Tank Single                                57-Right           NCSU  Maryland

3B50.20           Ripple Tank Double                              57-Right           NCSU  Maryland

3B50.22           Quinke Tube                                        56-1C

3B50.40           Moire Patterns                                      10-5C              NCSU  Maryland  Maryland2

3B50.46           Overhead Interference Pattern              10-5C              Maryland  Maryland2

3B50.50           Sine Wave Interference Overhead         10-5C

3B60.10           Beat Bars                                             10-5R              NCSU

3B60.20           Beats on Scope                                    10-5R              Maryland

3B60.23           Dell Waves                                           PC

3B70.10           Coupled Tuning Forks                          Q-3R               NCSU

3B70.20           Coupled Speaker/Tuning Forks            Q-3R               NCSU