1D- Motion in Two Dimensions


1D10.10          Ball in Tube                                          16-4L

1D15.10          Sonic Ranger                                        MAC               NCSU  Maryland

1D15.11          Sonic Ranger and Ramp                       MAC

1D15.15          Bowling Ball and Mallet                        16-5C

1D15.16          Constant Acceleration Car, Pulley         16-5R

1D15.17          Fan Car and Masses                             13-1C

1D15.20          High Road/Low Road                           Fridge-Left       NCSU  Maryland

1D40.10          Ohio                                                     16-6R

1D40.30          Uneven dumbbell                                  16-6C 

1D40.55          Spring Coupled Cars                            16-5L

1D50.10          Tennis Ball and String                           16-7C              NCSU

1D50.12          Centripetal Ball and Scale                     16-7C 

1D50.20          Whirlygig                                              16-7C              NCSU

1D50.26          Plane on String                                     Dick

1D50.40          Bucket of Water                                   16-7R              NCSU

1D50.42          Dumb Waiter                                        16-7R

1D50.50          Welch’s Centripetal Force Apparatus   15-2R

1D50.70          Rolling Chain                                        68-4C

1D52.10          Rotating Shapes                                    15-2L

1D52.20          Water Parabola                                    15-2C

1D55.10          Broken Ring                                         15-1L              NCSU

1D55.15          Pit Balls and String                                16-7L

1D55.30          Merry-Go-Round                                 15-1R

1D60.05          Assorted Balls                                      24-6

1D60.10          Jump Ball and Bridge                            15-3C              NCSU  Maryland

1D60.15          Jump Ball Incline                                   15-3C              NCSU  Maryland

1D60.16          Jump Ball Pulley                                   15—3C

1D60.20          Drop and Shoot                                    15-3L              NCSU  Maryland

1D60.30          Shoot the Monkey                                15-3R              NCSU  Maryland

1D60.59          Ballistics on MAC                                MAC

1D60.61          Shoot the Water                                   15-Top